Tuesday, 11 May 2010

...The Story Continues! Part 2

As my body lowered itself onto the chair next to this beautiful and radiant woman, my mind once again began to swim with questions and memories of the past few weeks. First I needed to know who she was, and for what reason she needed a thirteen year old girl to come to an ocean bar, so far from home. This she must have heard, for her soft kind voice I was again listening to.
"My name isn't important, you will come to learn it, someday! Now please, drink," she motioned toward the second drink she had brought, condensation already forming around the glass.
"How did you know I was thinking that? I never said a word."
"I'm like you."
"Like me?" Like me? What she mean by that? "I don't understand?" I continued.
"I'm here to explain everything, well, most things. Some you'll need to find the answers yourself. Don't look so worried, everything is going to be okay," turning to me as she said it, she smiled. Oh.. that smile, it seemed to make her glow even more, if that was possible. I took a sip of my drink realising how dry mouth had become. "Umm, this is my favourite drink" I announced as I felt the liquid flow down my dry throat.
"Funny, it's mine too!" she grinned.

Part 3 Coming Soon!!

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  1. Wow! It's almost a dark phoenix story! Go easy on suspense though... Sometimes we can get lost in mystery and lose what it is we really want to say...