Friday, 30 April 2010

Mansfield to Nottingham in 8 minutes 43 seconds!

New Years Eve 1983. The time was around 22:30, music and laughter filled The Emerald Ilse public house, due to the taking place of the fancy dress competition. This was about to change in the moments that follow. A female dressed in very shining tin and wearing silver face paint, gleefully sang, as she entered the parlour room. My mum and dad sitting either side of me laughed at the sight of it, she had made it into the fnal 3.
"It looks like Richard could do with changing" my mum offered.
"I'll sort him" eagerly answers my dad, pulling me round and laying me down, getting a clean nappy and the many supplies within the baby bag. On pulling off my trousers and lifting up my jumper "Why's my son wearing a pink baby grow?" enquired my dad.
Turning round my mum replied "What? He should have white one on".
"Its definately not white..." my dad's words slowing as he undid my babygrow and lifting it off me...

Standing up. Turning white. He fainted. Chaos begins...

On seeing my dad falling flat on his face, my mum turned to look at me. Screams of panic now filled The Emerald Ilse. Events happened in slow motions: people emptied the room, lights came on, music fell silent, drinks spilled, people trying to see what all the comotion was about, sounds of shock and crying, calls for someone to phone an ambulance.

I, meanwhile, lay where my dad had placed me, completely unaware it was because of me that the nights festivities were interupted. Paramedics arrived a few minutes after the called had been made. Walking up to where my mum sat in tears, the paramedics took one look at me, and then at each other... The smaller paramedic ran out the room and the larger knelt down and tended to me without word. The smaller paramedic, on re-entering the room said "10 minutes, NCH." wheeling the trolley into postion.

The scene the paramedics found themselves in was this, they had 10 minutes to get a 1 year 52 days old baby boy to Nottingham City Hospital. The reason for this was simply the fact that, many of my lower internal organs were no longer all that internal.

As the title suggests the trip took 8m43s! And my Nan, the female tinman wannabe, won 1st place that night...

My story just couldn't be given the justice it deserves using just 200 words.