Friday, 14 May 2010

...The Story Continues! Part 4 & 5

Everything started to happen in slow motion, sounds became muffled. Even though the sun was shining, it seemed to get darker all of a sudden. I soon realised that the woman now standing in front of me, protecting me, the woman surrounded in mystery, the glow that had been emitting from her was gone. It had been replaced with something that scared me.

People were scattering in all directions trying to finding hiding places. The men from the car had pulled out guns, causing all the pandemonium. I stood fast, unable to move, as if rooted to the spot. My protector turned her head just enough so I could see the flicker of a grin on her face. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as a bench rose into the air. It then flew towards the two men within the blink of an eye, smashing into the bald headed man, who too seemed shocked at seeing the bench flying toward him. The second man managed to jump out of the way just in time. Taking aim he fired his weapon; he had aimed directly me. I closed my eyes expecting to die.

I opened my eyes in time to see the bullets float before me and fall to the ground. What looked to me like an invisible wave of air, erupting from my protector's hand, lifted the shooter into the air and catapulted him several metres backwards. They finally got to their feet and fled, screeching away in their car. My protector fell to the ground.
"Are you okay?" I asked in great concern, crouching down.
"I'm almost out of time, my power is moving on. I'm dying." she weakly replied.

Part 5

"Dying?!?" I shrieked.
"Yes, take this." She handed me an envelope."The contents of this will give you a clue to when your adventure and very happy and long life will begin. The dreams you have been having recently were caused by me, I put them there. Show this to him and he'll know what to do." She passed me a necklace with a strange looking eagle-like bird hanging from it. "I've been giving him some special dreams also, even though I know he's too clever to believe them, in the way you did."
"I'm not sure I understand." I said without thinking.
"You will once you open the envelope. But wait until tomorrow 9:21am, OK?"
"Good, I would have liked to have stayed longer, to see him again. I haven't seen him in over 250 years!" She giggled, looking grey and tired now.
"250 years! How old are you?" I asked in shock.
"Oh, I lost count long ago...." she paused. "Time for me to go," she continued.

As the sunlight was extinguished by a cloud, so was her life. She lay limp on the ground, the light in her eyes and glow of her skin faded. I stood up and took a step back; a tear rolled down my cheek. I gasped! Her body crumbled to dust right before my eyes, and the same eagle-like bird rose into the sky and drifted toward the now brightly shining sun. I smiled.

The next day back at home, I sat on my bed, watching the clock hanging on my wall. The time read 9:20am; not able to wait any longer I ripped open the envelope. It had just one photo in it, a picture of a man. Then I heard my mum shout that I had visitor at the door. I froze as I came down the stairs, for the same man in the photo was now at my front door.

"Hello, my name is Professor Charles Xavier. I take it you're the lovely Jean Grey I have been told to meet," he said while positioning his wheelchair in the hallway.


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

...The Story Continues! Part 3

I sat listening to the noises of the ocean bar, as I sipped on my drink. I didn't know what else to do. She always seemed to know what I was going to say before I had chance to say it. Glancing around from my seat, I started to wonder where the rest of today would take me.
"Shall we go for walk? It would be a shame to waste the day inside, when it's such a beautiful day outside," she asked standing up from her seat. I agreed and stood up, finishing my drink and placing the empty glass on the bar, I faced her and smiled. She lead the way outside, the sunlight warmed my face. She was right - it was a beautiful day!
" I first must apologise to you," she started to say. " The reason for you being here is.... Well, not entirely by your own choice."
"Not my choice? I don't understand how can it could not have been my choice that I came today?"
"The truth behind that will just confuse you more."
"I know you came here to give me something. What is it?" I asked eagerly. She turned to me as we walked; I could see in her eyes that she was thinking about whether or not to tell me. I looked down to the ground, feeling foolish for my eagerness.
"Don't feel foolish," I heard her say, but it was different; it was like I felt her words rather than heard them. I turned towards her deciding to myself if it did actually happen.
"Yes! It did, don't worry! It's OK." Again felt her words fill me from the inside. "You
try it, fill me with your words. Project them through the air and into me."
"I can't do that," I said aloud.

I stood still, closed my eyes and pictured the words I wished to say fly through the air and land inside the glowing woman before me. Over and over I saw the image of this happening. Just as I was about to give up the on idea that I could also do it, a strange feeling came over me; it was if I had started to glow. " Why are you here?" I felt the words dissolve inside me and fill her mind.
"To protect you, guide you and pass on something on to you," she said taking my hand, as I opened my eyes. Then suddenly there were sounds of screeching tyres. On turning round and finding where the sound had come from, two large men were getting out of a large car.
"There's the girl... Get her!..." One shouted.

"They can't hurt you, you'll be okay..."

Part 4... To Be Released Soon!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

...The Story Continues! Part 2

As my body lowered itself onto the chair next to this beautiful and radiant woman, my mind once again began to swim with questions and memories of the past few weeks. First I needed to know who she was, and for what reason she needed a thirteen year old girl to come to an ocean bar, so far from home. This she must have heard, for her soft kind voice I was again listening to.
"My name isn't important, you will come to learn it, someday! Now please, drink," she motioned toward the second drink she had brought, condensation already forming around the glass.
"How did you know I was thinking that? I never said a word."
"I'm like you."
"Like me?" Like me? What she mean by that? "I don't understand?" I continued.
"I'm here to explain everything, well, most things. Some you'll need to find the answers yourself. Don't look so worried, everything is going to be okay," turning to me as she said it, she smiled. Oh.. that smile, it seemed to make her glow even more, if that was possible. I took a sip of my drink realising how dry mouth had become. "Umm, this is my favourite drink" I announced as I felt the liquid flow down my dry throat.
"Funny, it's mine too!" she grinned.

Part 3 Coming Soon!!

Monday, 10 May 2010

...The Story Continues! Part 1

She bought 2 drinks and sat at the bar...

"You should come sit down with me, instead of hiding back there," the sound of her voice floated back to me. It sounded so kind and calm, I was shocked, I didn't think she had seen me, when she walked in. Slowly, I moved forward out of the shadow from where I was watching. I had many questions. None more important than what she had come to give me and why it was so important I have it? Why I needed it? Why I have i dreamt of it making it so precious to me?
Before I had chance to ask any question she spoke again.
"Please, come sit beside me, we have a lot to talk about. And yes! I do have it with me". With those words, my body moved towards the bar of its own accord, I was powerless to do otherwise...

Part 2 will follow shortly...