Thursday, 21 January 2010

Okay, so my first Blog of the year let's try make it interesting!

I'm torn about joining the Glog site that has been suggested, i much rather just Glog On My Blog!

The game i chose is Burnout Paradise (PS3 version) i've had 2 major plays and a 1hr stint so far, writing down my progress, thoughts and memories.

So with that the pros and cons through my point of view, starting with a brief explaination of what Burnout Paradise is.

Right so Burnout Paradise is the next gen installment of a long running franchise, developed by Criterion, a UK based developer. Set in a fictional city called Paradise City (saw it coming didn't you!) the main objective is t0 get the best license grade possible by competing in a series of events. These include Race, Stunt Run, Road Rage, Marked Man and Burning Route, the last event only really needs to be played the once, as on winning it awards you with a upgraded version of the car required to enter the race. Since its release in Jan 2008 it had several updates giving players extra features and modes, in the beginning of 2009 Criterion started to release premium content (DLC). More Cars and Modes were released ending with biggest and best for last, a whole new island for players to explore, and with the Big Surf Island expansion came more cars and events to complete.

What? - Erm?? Burnout Paradise!

Where? - Set in a fictional american styled city called Paradise.

When? - Availble to play on X360 and (for Raiden) the TV punishing PS3 since Jan 2008 and PC a year or so later.

Why? - Is the game good? in my eyes yes it has lots to offer, somethings can be repetitive if done over and over my advice is to mix it up abit.

How? - With a huge free roaming city and moutains to explore head to the junkyard and pick a sweet ride to cruise around in, or simple head off to become Paradise City's Elite driver by taking on the events. Masses of DLC available increase the games life span, which can last forever when you enter into the online multiplayer mode. Easily playable by all.