Monday, 5 October 2009


Well 2 weeks have pasted, I believe I'm surviving quite well, considering that it has been over 10 years since being in a classroom and being taught rather than teaching/aiding the victims.

I'm once again getting in the groove slowly but surely.

My weekend was pretty lazy.. Went to Asda robbed some food, came home ate said food and played Lego Batman on my PS3.

Saturday was a good day!

Sunday was pretty much the same, woke up ate some brekky ( 2 Double Choc Chip Cookies) played Lego Batman. Cooked a lovely roast dinner(if I do say so myself) for my partner and I. Followed by a ready made jam Rollie Pollie made by a notable famous aunt (which I nuked in the microwave).

I also fell victim to a Facebook game called Cafe World, for some unknown force willed me to play that over the weekend aswell.

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