Friday, 9 October 2009

Our First Web Cast Lesson

Well for our first web cast lesson all went well i think.

Looking forward to the next one, but probably not so late into the evening and in our smaller groups, so that its easier for everyone (once all technical issues have been solved!) to take part and the screen isn't bombarded with 40+ answers! that's my idea but I'm awkward :)


  1. i quite liked it all. no probs my end, apart from bein distacted by a ladyfriend playin wiv my hair lol. didnt like kelly dissapearin at the start or killing the cam thou. but stuff rarely goes to plan anyway. heres to the next 1!

  2. I could also do with the webcast lesson at an earlier time...My internet was being fail so the chat room was completely out of sync with the video streaming. T'was really confusing!